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Further to the decision to implant the Megajoule Laser ( LMJ) in Le Barp, the State and Local authorities decided to register this big project  as part of  the Route des Lasers program. Aquitaine region, and more particularly  Gironde, then became the optics-lasers center for excellence.
The institutional actors immediately became aware of the importance of the creation of this research center and of the major economic fallout which it would have for the Bordeaux metropolis , Gironde and Aquitaine region.

A SEML to federate public and private actors

This intervention which can not be supported by a single community, it quickly seemed necessary to federate public and private initiatives. The creation of a local semipublic company then stood out as being the most effective and the safest tool to associate these various actors.

The SEML RdL answers a logic of economic and scientific development

The mission of the SEML RdL is the acquisition, the development, the construction and the management of real properties allowing the establishement of industrial and tertiary companies mainly  active in the optics-laser and photonics field. Practically, it is a question of fitting out the industrial parks and welcoming companies and researchers near the Megajoule Laser and big laboratories or research centers of the University of Bordeaux.
This way the SEML Route des Lasers answers a logic of scientific and economic growth on the whole territory.

Key figures in 2012

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Cité de la Photonique - Bâtiment Sirah
11, avenue de Canteranne
33600 PESSAC - France
Tél. +33 556 932 582

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