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Key figures

Technologies of the 21th century, the optics and the lasers open in Aquitaine territory scopes in numerous sectors : aeronautics, space, health, energy, embarked systems, telecommunications.

The dynamics of this young industrial sector leans on:

  • The Megajoule Laser (LMJ), one of the two biggest laser instruments in the world, the scientific equipment PETAL (Petawatt Aquitaine Laser) and LIL (prototype of the LMJ),

  • Innovative SMI(SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED INDUSTRY) rapidly expanding, large companies, leaders on their markets,

  • One of the strongest European concentration of researchers specialists in optics & lasers (LOMA, IOGS / LP2N, CELIA, ILP),

  • A semipublic company, the SEML Route des Lasers, was dedicated to facilitate the establishment of optics & lasers companies,

  • A structure of initial and continuous training, adapted to new needs: Institute of Optics of Aquitaine, Platform of continuous training in Optics & Lasers (PYLA).

La filière optique-laser
en Aquitaine c'est :

logo SEML

Cité de la Photonique - Bâtiment Sirah
11, avenue de Canteranne
33600 PESSAC - France
Tél. +33 556 932 582

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